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Come Join us!
« on: April 07, 2018, 10:00:10 AM »
Every Saturday at 4pm eastern 22:00 cet Funday on Wolf's Spielwiese server.
Team melee... first team to get all targets win.
Good fun with Great people, come join us!
You will not see server until 4pm, All are welcome to play! No squad needed.

And don't forget about General de Deville's "Alpine" every night around 9-9:30pm.
Great people, just Bigger Hills!

You can find the Alpine patch here downloads.

You need this in your mplayer config settings

 Server=UDP:; CSq_Swordfish ; D3rWolf's Spielwiese ; D3rWolf's Training Day
 Server=UDP: ;General de Deville's Alpine Hell
 Server=UDP: ; General de Deville's Hell

 [MetaServers] ; Rens
 Server=TCP: ; Swordfish
 Server=TCP: ; Redux

Salute!  8)
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